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A novice when he stepped in to the now behemoth industry, graduated in commerce marked his presence around with his sheer persona, gravitas and commenced his era of success in year 1982-83. Since then the legacy continues and it has took him over decades alone to define the new heights of business. He monopolized the market with the brand name ‘Narang’. The brand, which empowered values not just names: trust, punctuality, dignity and several others.He conceptualized the market of Ice not just by providing the quality but also by building relationships.


He took over the industry as a part-time profession in 2007, soon partnered his father by choosing it as his only career. Brushing his knowledge and contacts he opted for an anomaly to the normal course of education. He mastered in the family business besides accelerating his business at a new and never seen before pace. The organization not only doubled but quadrupled within the span of 5 years. He stood by the expectations and led to an acme and the brand of ‘Narang Cold Storage’ transformed into ‘Narang Group’ and stated ‘the legacy is still on .