Industry Overview

Being one of the most attractive destinations for business & investment opportunities, India having 16% of the world’s human population is the 4th largest economy of the world with fastest growing GDP.

  • India ranks 1st in the world as a producer of milk
  • 2nd highest fruit and vegetable producer
  • 3rd largest food grains producer
  • 3rd largest fish producer
  • 5th largest producer of eggs
  • 8th largest meat producer
  • 9th largest producer of poultry meat

In India, there has been a phenomenal growth in production of horticulture produce, dairy products, and meat products over the last decade. Owing to the tremendous pressure on improving supply chain and reducing losses during produce handling and movement, the need for creation of a cold chain network was crucial for perishable food commodities. Cold storage in India has been largely adopted for long-term storage of potatoes, onions and high value crops like apples, grapes and flowers. Potato cold storages used to contribute 88 per cent storage capacity till 2000. However most of the new cold storages in the last decade have been constructed as multipurpose facilities focusing on all fruits and vegetables, poultry & dairy.

The fruit and vegetable industry is valued at over INR 2400 billion (ColdChain Industry Oultook and Kensreasearch, 2017). Each day, India consumes 9000 trucks of fruits, 14,000 trucks of vegetables, 4000 trucks of potatoes, 8000 trucks of onions and 1.3 million chickens. Despite being the largest milk producer and 2nd largest producer of fruits and vegetables, India has a very limited integrated cold-chain infrastructure. With only 5386 standalone cold storages having a total capacity of 23.6 million tonnes out of which 80% are used only for potatoes. About 35-40% of fruits and vegetables and nearly 10% of food grains in India are wasted annually. As much as 20-40% of food grown in India spoils before reaching consumers, this translates to be over approx. INR 1 trillion per annum. Therefore lies a huge potential to bridge the gap between production and consumption and save food wastage.

It is estimated that the cold chain industry of India shall reach INR 470 Billion by 2022, whilst as of now India on an average produces 85 million tonnes of vegetables and 45 million tonnes of fruits annually.

As on date, the country has around just 6,448 cold storages with a total installed capacity of 30.4 million tonnes. However, the requirement at 70 million tonnes is double of the existing capacity. Also, India lacks around 150,000 pre-coolers and pack houses, which at present do not have any concept in the country. India urgently needs to have an entire eco-system of cold chains, which at present is centered only on cold storages.


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